Thursday, October 18, 2012

D&LIH3 Applications

Dead & Loving it Hunt 3 is now accepting Applications. The hunt will be from December 1-31st, If your a store owner and are interested in joining the hunt please fill Copy the Application below to a NC, fill it out, and follow the instructions on it. Thank You

Thank you for your Interest in Joining the Dead & Loving It Hunt 3. The Theme for this hunt is all things Dead and Undead. So Vampires, Ghosts, Zombies, or any other undead creature that you can think of.  There is a secondary theme for this hunt is "Lost in the Woods". Since it's Christmas season you can make it Christmas Themed as well if you want. I am limiting the amount of stores to around 50.

Before Applying Please Read the rules below:
* You need to be Creator of Original Content.
* Your store can't be primarily reseller vendors.
* Are willing to display poster for the hunt when you receive the sign and the entire duration of hunt.
* Are willing to give away at least one New, original item to be given away as a hunt prize. Item must be comparable value to rest of items sold in your store. Please no freebie quality items.
* Item be only available from the hunt for the duration of the hunt. After hunt ends you can sell as normal.
* Can provide a LM that lands in or Directly in front of your store location. If not to be able to place a foot path to direct hunters to your store.(One will be provided for hunt)

If your Application is accepted you will be sent a Hunt Starter Kit with all the Information about hunt and a Hunt sign. Note that it might take anywhere from 1 Day- 2 Weeks to get back to you if you made it into the hunt.

Please Completely Fill out the Application and send it to Roldin Voir by November 17th. You can also drop it off in my mailbox to make sure I receive it.
Remember to Rename the Notecard with Your Name and Store Name. Any app recieved without both changed will be discarded.


Your Store Name, Exactly as you want it to appear:

Your Name

Secondary Contact (optional):

Type of Items you sell at your store:



A rough Idea what you want your Hunt item to be(optional):

Are you willing to be put on a back up list if hunt is full?:


Once you filled out notecard remember to insert your name and store name and return the Notecard to Roldin Voir, or drop off in mailbox here.

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