Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hints & Store Locations December 2012

1: Gothic Desires:
Hint: Beware of the monster under the bed.

2: The Elegant Goth
Hint: Please use the main hint giver in the store.

3:  Les sucreries de Fairy
Hint: I'm with tip jars and greeters

4: DemotiK
Hint: Hint board in store

5: Howling Creations
Hint: Strange things hide in dark places

6: Mad Pea Production
Hint: Who says being dead is no fun? It is relaxing, and low fact after i get a closer look at these lovely ladies I might have some wine and a nap. Wake me up when we get to #7.

7: AdelleArts Manor Fashion
Hint: Somewhere for the UNDEAD to rest is a grave decision !

8: T R I D E N T
Hint: Check hint give in store

9: Goth1c0
Hint:  I wonder if I have any presents this year

10: @->~InSpired Designs~<-@
Hint: Check Hint board in front of store

11: Gothica
Hint: You can go up me and down me but either way you'll miss me, where am I?

12: Phoebe ~Piercings & more
Hint: See Hint giver

13: .::Distorted Dreams::.
Hint: You might get lucky...Death may pass you by this holiday season.

14: Iron Tiger Jewelry
Hint:Hunter looks hard, and often with feeling.
Now you look up, to the lights near the ceiling.

15: Dark Desires Custom Tattoos
Hint: See Hint giver

16: Swine & Roses
Hint: I am lost with the tv remote

17:  Xenian Furniture
Hint: Up or down?

18: F*cking Ninjas
Hint: A vigil by candelight.

19: Love Zombie
Hint: You won't find me up here!

20: Studio Nails
Hint: To find this clue you must remove 6 letters from these words and this will give you the answer to what to find and this is where I am hidden. BSAINGPEATNTEARS

21: Devarius Designs
Hint: "it's bright here"

22: Anarya Design
Hint: "When the night falls, I will shine!"

23: FANGS & FUR Vampire/Lycan Poseball Store
Hint: The Hint can be found by the sign near the store.

24: Vips Corner
Hint: If you kiss him under the holly ...he will brings you good luck all the year!!!

25: Gothic Desires: Full Perm Store:
Hint: Where you'd expect a coffin to be.

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