Saturday, March 31, 2012

Store Hints March 2012

1: Gothic Desires:
HINT: I hope this Ritual isn't going to summon Cthulhu

2: Spiked Devil:
HINT: Sit on down and have your foot measured. You might be dead but still need to get fitted.

3: Filthy Things:
HINT:  "Are looking under that floosie's skirt?  You perv!"

4: The Elegant Goth
HINT: Take a walk into the darkness and try not to step on the rats, this is their home too.

5: X-Clusives Animations
HINT: Are you Dead & Loving it? Hopefully not.
           NEW RELEASES is where you'll have to walk
           Then spin around but don't get too hot
          To find the gift, you must mind the TORQUE

6: Grumble
HINT: Ouch, sticking things in your nose looks like it would hurt!

7: Eurdicia's Creations
HINT: Skip to #8 for now

8: Les sucreries de Fairy
HINT: I love poker :p (upstairs in women section)

9: Howling Creations
HINT: "What a creepy ride!"

10: IMPALED & Dragon's Flair
HINT: Gift 1: Headbangers Ball
           Gift 2: Rest in Peace

11:  @->~InSpired Designs~<-@
HINT: Check instore hint giver

12: Athy Designs Furniture
HINT: Wander Upstairs and Find The Checkered Rug

13:  T R I D E N  T
HINT: "A gothic lantern holder hides your prize"

14: MiChiGaNs ShAcK
HINT: Use the big red flashing hint giver on the right when you land

15: ~*~Souzou Eien~*~
HINT: Check instore hint giver

16: Wicked Needs
HINT: When you find a nice coffin, you might want to keep it in the Bloodlines ...

17: Dark Desires Custom Tattoos
HINT: See sign at store for up to date hint

18: ***DECEIV***
HINT: Who was digging the grave?Duty or Zaihgon?

19: *.: Mystique :.*
HINT: Check out the Just Released area!

20:  United InshCon
HINT: Search the Treehouse Medieval

21: Chaos, Panic, & Disorder
HINT: "You bloody well better look up"

22: -=[ Ais Ink Tattoo ]=-
HINT: Check instore hint giver

23: NightMaire Textures & More
HINT:  You might be on the right track

24: Crank Design
HINT: Gift not out yet Move to #25

25: Incendia Outdoors
HINT: Hints are on the Hunt poster at landing point Object likes to move alot

26: AdelleArts Manor Fashions
HINT:  If you are a DEMON or a VAMPYRE it would be a grave mistake to think this clue is cryptic!

27:  Forniture medieval fantasy
HINT: A seat made for a King

28: Latex Station
HINT: I just Adore this outift its so cute you might said its "Adora"ble

29: Bound & Bitten
HINT: Check instore Hint giver

30:  Death row designs
HINT: Gift not out yet Move to #31

31: DivaLicious
HINT: Check instore hint giver

HINT: Gift 1:This dress makes you to Hell´s next Top Model ! (go up)
          Gift 2: I hide in a spooky corridor ! (go down)

33: Tiar
HINT: Where you do the Ofer

34: Echoes of the Past Designs
HINT: And he came out of the green to take your heart out

35: DemotiK
HINT: Hint giver board in store beside door

36: The Little Bat
HINT: Are you feeling lucky??

37: Iron Tiger Jewelry
HINT: Check instore hint giver

38: irrISIStible shop
HINT: Gift not out yet Move to #39

HINT: Gift 1:  Take life with a grain of salt, a slice of lime and a shot of tequila.
          Gift 2: Who said undead creatures don`t have dreams?!

40: No longer in Hunt Move to #41

41: Gorewing's shop
HINT: Male Gift: I feel like i am being squished..
          Female Gift: eeps im all cold and wet...

42: Black Cat Bones
HINT: Look to something ominous

43: VPInc. Designz
HINT: What creeks when you walk up them?

44: Shey Fashion
HINT: Look at Dark Eva Lady Poster

45: .:CUDA:.
HINT: "I've been feeling a bit flushed lately."

46: Raven's Heart
HINT:  It is best to have a headstone, to know who lies in the coffin.

47: The Crossing
HINT:  Look behind bars

48: Sour Pickles
HINT: Check instore hint giver

49: Amulet
HINT: Kill Me.. but then where do you put me..I like water..:)

50: Phoebe ~ Piercings & more ~
HINT: See hint giver at the entance of the store

51: 2 Hearts Design
HINT: In order to find me you have to play a game of “Hot & Cold”….come find me I am on the rise, when you’re on fire you will have found me.

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